Hyperbarics (HBOT) + Ozone Certification

November 10 - 11, 2023

Salt Lake City, UT

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This is a Certification event so you can offer hyperbaric chamber therapy and oxidative therapy in your clinic. This is a comprehensive training, touching on all key aspects of the science, hands-on practice, business, and compliance, so you can implement right away. Our average clinic adds $60,000 in sales per year after our training and implementation

Key Features

  • Includes BOTH Hyperbaric (HBOT) and IV Ozone

  • Science, indications, applications, and more

  • Hands on training so you get plenty of practice

  • How to be legally compliant

  • How to dose and titrate for best results

  • How to combine the treatments for different patients

  • This training gets you certified in oxidative therapies, including hyperbarics


Day 1 - Nov. 10, Fri. 8AM - 5PM

  • Fundamentals of mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Ozone gas - why is it used?

  • Administration methods, protocols, and differences

  • Stacking hyperbarics and ozone

  • Hyperbaric protocol design and use cases

  • Contraindications, safety, and SOPs

  • Biological and clinical effects

  • Dosing, Frequency, and Titrations

  • How to generate $80,000 per year with these protocols

  • How to be legally protected

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Day 2 - Nov. 11, Sat. 8AM - 5PM

  • Equipment - How to set it up, what is required, and how to get it 

  • Hands on practice in clinic - IVs and hyperbarics

  • Open Playground - Choose what you want to practice

  • Panel and discussion with instructors

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Salt Lake City

  • Free shuttles to and from airport

  • Close to restaurants and shopping

  • Includes pool and fitness center

  • Room is not included with ticket (book your discounted room by clicking the button below)

The hands on training will happen at Dr. Meyer's clinical facility, allowing for a thorough teaching and walkthrough of all the products, how it implements into a clinical, peer to peer conversations with his practitioners, and more. Dr. Meyer's works with the Olympic teams in Salt Lake City and has successfully built his practice around these two modalities. You will receive deep insights on how you can achieve the same success and get incredible patient outcomes.

Imaged above: part of Dr. Meyer's clinic, oriented around movement and hyperbarics. He also has IV rooms and other parts of the clinic you will be able to experience during hands on training

Testimonies on our training and protocols

Our Training Does Wonders!

Here's what people are saying...

Dr. Mercola

"You're providing a valuable service... This is really good to provide to the medical community... it's a triple win, triple wins are not very common."

Dave Asprey

"It's a powerful resource... it's going to teach you how to do it ... put in your arsenal of things you can do to increase your biology... if you're ever really sick and nothing is working, I'm telling you - oxidation therapy."

Dr. Jess

“The cracks are where the light enters. You took that pain of experiencing the loss of your brother and alchemized that into something that has helped so many other people. You have a beautiful story.”

Ben Greenfield

This training is committed to serving people ... and providing reliable, easy-to-use education

Kayla Barnes, Owner - LYV

Oxidation Therapy is one of the most effective and underrated therapies on the market. It is essential in my protocols. There is no other brand I would recommend. 

Dr. Mandy

"They provide tremendous education for oxidative therapy.  It's a must have in your clinic and I've been able to help so many patients with oxidative when other things didn't cut it"

What will you learn at our event?

The Science

The science and biochemistry - how this stuff actually works. We will present it in a way that is useful for you to communicate to staff/patients and help with clinical application.


How can you stay compliant with these interventions? We are bringing compliance expert Dr. Adam Boender who has helped many clinics stay compliance and legally safe.

Indications and Applications

When are these interventions best used? These clinical pearls will greatly assist your judgement in applying to patients and open your mind to the possibilities.

Practical Hands on Training

We take a heavy emphasis on practicality and making the training turnkey so that you're able to immediately apply what you learn.  We are your partners for life and will ensure you have everything you need.

Contraindications and Safety

There are a few times that is is best to avoid treatment. And we will show and demonstrate the best way to make these interventions extremely safe.

Business Success

As a clinician, you also run a business that needs to generate income. We will equip you with modern tactics for sales and marketing that are free and easy to implement.

About the instructors

Dr. Adam Boender

Dr. Adam's life was turned upside down when Lyme disease rendered his wife incapable of walking and engaging in their family life. He didn't let the conventional approach be the final say in her life.

Dr. Adam found regenerative medicine and now she is better than ever. His powerful story generated a relentless passion in him to help other clinics get up and started with oxidative therapy and other regenerative practices. After running his own clinic, he became well versed in stem cells, oxidative therapy, and other regenerative practices.

He now advises clinics on compliance and how to make sure your clinic stays open, gets people better, and makes you a good living.

Dr. Ryan Meyers

Dr. Ryan Meyers, founder of US Hyperbarics and the Movement Clinic, an integrative medicine center, is a leading expert in mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (“mHBOT”), with a decade and 20,000+ overseen clinical hours of experience. He is an official provider for US Speedskating, consulting on recovery and performance including HBOT and Functional Medicine.

Fueled by his wife’s journey and recovery from Lyme disease, Dr. Meyer’s passion is to help each patient to live the life they want to live without interruption from illness and pain. He is an avid athlete, and enjoys Ironmans, Crossfit competitions, and mountain biking with his wife and three kids.

Justin Lesh

Justin is a marketing expert for private and integrative clinics. His expert approach uses a blend of online advertising and simple, in office tactics. It doesn't require the clinic to change anything about how they operate and is guaranteed to make a profit.

Justin created a methodology for marketing clinics and turned that into his company, IV Launch. All attendees will get two weeks of Justin's advertising for free so they can see the results for themselves.

Anita Farrelly, RN

Anita Farrelly is a multi-clinic owner in Arizona and founder of a large IV therapy conference - IV Biz Bash. She had 25 years of experience managing an ICU for Mayo Clinic before transitioning into wellness and IV therapy.

After seeing the results of oxidative therapy in her own patient base, she became an advocate for it's dynamic ability to help people. Now she uses her talent for teaching and practical implementation to empower others in the use of oxidative therapy.

Our training gets you certified!

Quality training

I have extensive experience, this works wonders! … Everything about this education and our relationship with the trainers definitely earns the company Five Stars.

Lisa Chapman | verified buyer

Amazing responses on patients

This is excellent. We have had some amazing patient responses the oxidative therapy. I’d highly recommend this training.

Dr. McClean | verified buyer

Great Company with Great Service and Education

They are very helpful and always informative. The teaching videos are quite helpful … Oxidative therapy is something I will never stop using.

Correll | verified buyer

Excited about discovering oxidative therapy

I am grateful for the bounty of excellent educational material. Thank you!

Diana Pink | verified buyer

Patients get better

I have learned so much... great GREAT training

Mandy Kramme, RN | verified buyer

Easy to get started

The customer service and training material is also outstanding.

Tom Piccirilli | verified buyer

We have helped thousands of clinics start oxidative therapy

Here are some...

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You will receive some of the most important books and materials on these interventions. They will allow you to dig deep into oxidative therapy, give practical guidance, and help with implementation.



A comprehensive course for training your staff and brushing up on oxidative therapy science, protocols, and more



We provide you with documents and templates to get started on the compliance side of things



We will pay your service fee for launching social media ads to grow your IV room. You still have to pay the Facebook or instagram ad cost, but we cover all service costs for two weeks

How will it benefit your clinic?

  • Patient outcomes are improved

  • There is a current market of patients for hyperbarics

  • It's easier than you think

  • Our average clinic adds $80,000 in revenue per year

Nearly all our events sell out early

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100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We have worked hard to make this course unquestionably valuable for medical practitioners. There was a lot of people, thought, and time putting it together. I genuinely hope this course will help more people get healthy and stay healthy.

I only want you to pay for this course if it's valuable for you. This is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You may ask for a refund if it does not meet your expectations and we will send your money back ASAP.

It's a pleasure to serve this community and I am infinitely thankful to work for and with you.

My calling in life is to create things that reduce suffering in the world.

Let's reduce suffering together,

Dr. Adam Boender

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